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Hannah's and Lewis' Wedding


Lucy and Emma are ready to do their bit!


On the way to church...but will the banger make it?


Now the fun begins...only 1,999 photos to go. But Hannah's loving every minute!


The bestman and Lewis discuss the quickest escape route.


All the bridesmaids with bride and groom. You can tell there are all related!


"Right that's enough...my husband's in need of a beer", says Hannah. 


Posing in front of the cars...or...the cars posing behind the people?



For some it's all too much...Katie cannot cope any longer!




And so is Katie!


They've done it!...or...another one bites the dust!


The proud parents...but Paul's already worrying about the London Pride going off!


Sophie, Emma and Katie.


Ian takes time out...or was it a case of too many beers last night?


No sooner said than done...they're off back to Lixton Farm where copious amounts of booze awaits!


The cake as prepared by Louisa...available for weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs! Two for the price of one!


The party boogey's on...and on...and on...until 4am so I am told! A great time was had by all.

David Porter - Last updated: 02/12/2006